Road Trip

Life is a trip, enjoy the ride! In this series Lead Pastor, Doug Pruitt, helps you find the answer to these questions: What powers your life? Who or What is your GPS? What kind of baggage are you carrying with you? Do you take shortcuts? What is your final destination?

Episode 5: Destination Series Episode 5: Destination

What is your Final Destination?

Episode 4: Detour Series Episode 4: Detour

Life happens and causes us to deal with Detours. You cannot take shortcuts…

Episode 3: Baggage Series Episode 3: Baggage

There are very specific things you need...and don’t need...on the road…

Episode 2: Direction Series Episode 2: Direction

How does God give us Directions?
Seek His will in all you do, and He will…

Episode 1: Fuel Series Episode 1: Fuel

What powers your life?